Moving every year, dysfunctional work places and design therapy

I never thought I’d blog. I used to make fun of bloggers and not understand one’s desire to expose their most intimate thoughts to literally a whole world of readers.

I still don’t know if this is such a great idea, but here I am.  Born out of frustrations with my current full time day job and a bizarre obsession with spaces, this blog is apparently one of the two that get created every second around the world. It would be interesting to know what other blog is its twin sharing the same second in Internet time. Did they create their very first post already and what is it that they are blogging about? Do I even stand a chance to have mine read by someone out there and do I have anything interesting to share?

I hope I do and I hope that although this blogging admittedly serves first and foremost a selfish therapeutic self-indulgent purpose, it may bring a ray of sunshine to someone else’s life.

I am by profession part of a dry and generally non-creative field. I can’t draw and I never thought much of colors, shapes, gardens or landscaping. I took them as they were and focused my attention on what I have been trained to use it for. But even as a young girl, I had a need to clean and re-organize my room on a regular basis. I can’t explain why, pieces of furniture were not to stay in the same positions for too long. I could find reasons to move them around and position differently depending on my latest needs. This sort of obsession stayed with me through my adult life and due to a Lot of instability in my life and moving pretty much every year over the last decade or so, I have developed quite a keen sense for arranging furniture and more in my new spaces.

Each home comes with its charm, culture, history and yes, space. In each home I managed to create a life for me and my two sons. They and my friends developed an indestructible confidence in me that I would “make a great home out of this one other space too”. So I started going with the flow and getting excited about each new space and how our furniture would fit or need to be changed/downsized/up-sized horizontally or vertically. As my career, romantic life and at times even parenting life spiraled downward over the years, my introvert personality found bizarre comfort in endless rearrangements of home and garden spaces.

My intention is to share some of these spaces with the interested reader. I have no formal training as an interior designer, just a passion for space, its geometry and how one can feel and function within the space. I hope one can enjoy and/or use some of the ideas. As inamorate as I was without even realizing with my homes, I have taken pictures of all these spaces over the years – please excuse the quality of some of them.

Let the journey of my homes begin and may it be fun and therapeutic to both the author and the reader!

An amateur interior designer's blog